A Day in the Life of BCL

Photos by Ken Wilson
Spring 1974

Ken Wilson has provided these glimpses into BCL, probably taken in spring 1974 on the day when printed copies or proofs of Cybernetics of Cybernetics were delivered to the lab. In the second photo from top, two students are clearly holding copies of the book. Click on an image for high resolution

Heinz and student Steve Sloan. Learn more about (scroll down) and from Steve Sloan.


Foreground: Jeff Glassman (left, blue shirt) and Debbie Langerman (right, dress). Background, left to right: Steve Sloan (tan shirt), Jim Rebitzer (white shirt), and Bob Rebitzer (pony tail). Man at far left (beard, glasses, hat) unknown. Glassman and J. Rebitzer hold copies of Cybernetics of Cybernetics. Learn more about Glassman (scroll down) and J. Rebitzer.


Jim Rebitzer and Heinz. The sign posted on the window (legible at high res) reads: "Please leave the blind up so that the green growing things can get the morning [drawing of sunshine]." On the phone is Adena Kershner.

Left to right: Ken Wilson, Umberto Maturana, Heinz. This particular photo was obviously not taken by Ken! More about Maturana here and here.


Adena Kershner and Heinz. Note the "Doomsday" chart posted on the door, above the Pogo cartoon that referenced von Foerster's famous Doomsday article.


Steve Sloan, Adena Kershner, and Heinz. "Doomsday 2026" posted on the door. Back of head in foreground is Barbara Ford.